About Us

Danny's Warehouse Started in 1995 very simply, and very small. I blended my knowledge of how to buy closeouts with my love of gymnastics. I began buying closeouts from gymnastics companys, and quickly grew to include dance, figure skating yoga and cheer.

  • Over the years we have grown from the back of my car to a 5400 square foot warehouse, but the philosophy (and the prices) haven't changed. We still keep it simple, and in our hearts, were still small.
  • We are not a corporation, and we are proud that we are like a family here. You can easily get to know us on a first name basis.
  • We will treat you as we want to be treated .
  • Because of our commitment to low prices we hear every day "I couldn't go to dance class if it wasn't for you". And "We couldn't perform as a group if it wasn't for you." This is music to our ears

So please don't hesitate to contact us, visit us, send us images of you, or your group, wearing what you bought at Danny's Warehouse