The Chante Bra

The Chante Bra

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One of the most luxurious items in all of Danny's Warehouse! We are so excited to introduce some of the most well-made couture sports bras currently in the market. These gems retail for $82.00, no joke, and we are letting them go at $7.00! The most shocking part is that they are top of the line products, not factory damages. This particular piece is a glorious tangerine color with deep intricate purple lace greeting the opposite end of the color wheel. Other Stellar Features included are: *MP3 or Ipod mini compartment in the back for hands-free and pocket-free music enjoyment.
*Fully lined front and back with top-quailty materials
*Sturdy wide non-pinch elastic band that always stays in place
* "Shoe 'em Off" V-neckline accented with a few well-placed faux crystals.
Get these while they last. Great as a holiday stocking stuffer!